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Abstract Background

Coaching Services

Coaching, unlike therapy, does not hold specific regulations, licensures, or guidelines. Although my therapeutic training and knowledge may give me a unique understanding and perspective, I will not act as a therapist or use specific therapeutic skills during coaching services.

Coaching does not provide mental health care. Coaching is present and future-oriented, focusing on behaviors, goals, and action plans.

Coaching sessions are often shorter than therapy sessions and are sometimes purchased in packages (ex: 4 sessions, 6 session, 8 sessions).

When should you seek a life coach?

  • You are focused on achieving a life/ personal goal

  • You are working to support a loved one with mental health needs

  • You are working to support a loved one with physical health needs

  • You do not have mental health concerns

  • You have a therapist addressing mental health concerns, and need help with additional goals

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