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Your symptoms may be invisible, but 
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you are not!
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Hi, I'm Shawne'

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor, Success Coach, and author dedicated to walking alongside my clients, leading them to positive changes, growth, and healing. I seek to provide realistic and effective solutions that take into account the uniqueness of each client. I serve clients ages teens to adults
Shawne' Poplar, MA LPC-S
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The Resilience of The Poplar Tree

Mental wellness from the root to the branch

With roots that delve deep into the earth, the poplar teaches us the importance of grounding ourselves, finding stability amidst life's storms. Like a pillar of strength, it offers a comforting presence to those seeking solace beneath its branches.

In every season, the poplar tree transforms, shedding its leaves in the fall only to emerge anew in the spring. This cyclical renewal is a poignant reminder that our mental health, too, can experience seasons of growth and change. Just as the poplar perseveres through the harshest winters, we, too, can weather life's challenges and emerge stronger on the other side.

The poplar tree personifies the resilience and steadfastness required for good mental health, reminding us to stand tall, stay rooted, and embrace the ever-changing seasons of our minds.

Poplar Counseling & Wellness PLLC

Others may think you have it together, but on the inside, you’re falling apart. It feels like you can’t keep up with life’s changes, but it’s so hard to ask for help! Life feels out of control, causing you to feel lost, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and stuck.


You are not alone! I help teens and young adults with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and CHRONIC ILLNESSES  build skills for life’s ups and downs. Let's get started!

More Than Therapy

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"Ms. Poplar is a counseling colleague that I have the pleasure of working with. Her passion to help her clients is unmatched. She offers a safe, inviting and comforting therapeutic space where she listens and advocates for the best client care. She is the right choice to help navigate through life's challenges."

- Monica B.

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