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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: Part II 6 Prevention Strategies

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

By: Shawne Poplar, MA LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

Poplar Counseling & Wellness

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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is the tendency to use the early mornings or late nights to complete hobbies or watch entertainment. This habit can lead to an increase in day-to-day exhaustion. Read more in the previous blog: "Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: Part I What Is It?"

Here are six prevention strategies that will help you address this type of procrastination, and improve your sleep:

1- Review your daily schedule & monitor where you are spending your time

2- Set goals for how you want your "ideal" day to unfold

3- Prioritize tasks to complete first, using a to-do list when needed

4- Allow breaks during the day for activities, hobbies, or entertainment

5- Create a nighttime routine

6- Set a goal bedtime, that would allow for restful sleep. Set a goal bedtime, that would allow for restful sleep

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