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Teen Mental Health Post-Pandemic: Part II How Parents Can Help

By: Shawne Poplar, MA LPC Licensed Professional Counselor


This week is a continuation of the previous post! Please read "Teen Mental Health Post- pandemic: Part I" if you have not already. We are getting straight to the point. What can parents do to help their teen who is struggling since the pandemic?

Below are my most common suggestions to parents I speak to:

  • Listen, without judgment, to your teen’s health concerns

  • Ask your teen to name at least one other trusted adult.

    • Your teen will not always share with you when they struggle. Ensure they have another trustworthy adult who will guide and assist.

  • Review times when your teen has successfully overcome previous challenges

    • This reminds them that they have done hard things before and can be successful

  • Teach and model emotion regulation skills that can be transferred in multiple situations

  • Contact a mental health professional

  • Contact your teen’s school counselor

    • Schools have accommodations and additional resources that can help your student

  • Contact your primary care physician

    • A primary care physician is a great starting place to discuss mental health. They often provide referrals for therapy if appropriate.

  • Manage your mental health

    • It is important to address your mental health needs in order to best assist your teen’s mental health

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