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Doctor's Appointments and Chronic Illness: A Love-Hate Relationship

By: Shawne Poplar, MA LPC-S Licensed Professional Counselor


Alright, so if you're dealing with a chronic illness, those doctor visits can really crank up the anxiety, right? It's like a mix of not knowing what's coming, fearing the worst news, and just the general discomfort of being there.


But hey, here are a few strategies to help you handle the anxiety during these appointments:

Get a Game Plan

Ever thought about jotting down your questions or worries before you head in? It's like a prep talk with yourself. And hey, bring a buddy along if you want some extra support.

Chat with Your Healthcare Team

Don't hold back with your healthcare provider. Lay it all out – the anxiety, the worries, everything. They're there to reassure you, offer a helping hand, and might have some tricks up their sleeve to ease your anxiety.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Ever tried deep breathing or just chilling out with some mental images? It's like a mini-vacation for your mind. Give it a shot before the appointment, and see what clicks for you.

Lean on Your Support System

If the anxiety is hitting hard and messing with your ability to deal with medical stuff, maybe chat it out with a mental health pro. They're like the experts in helping you figure out ways to cope and tackle any deeper anxiety.


Remember, it is completely normal to feel anxious during doctor appointments, especially if you are living with a chronic illness. By preparing in advance and seeking support when needed, you can better manage your anxiety and focus on your healthcare needs.


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