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What to Do When My Teen's Grades Have Dropped

By: Shawne Poplar, MA LPC Licensed Professional Counselor


As alarming as it may be, it is common for grades to fluctuate throughout your teen's academic career, especially in 6th grade, 9th grade, & freshman year of college. These are considered "transition school years" that may take extra time to adjust to new expectations and academic and extracurricular obligations.

Your support is essential to your teen during this transition, as increased pressure can contribute to high rates of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Helpful Tips

  • Teach & model good study habits

  • Low grades do not indicate a low amount of effort

  • Communication Tip: Try your best vs. make good grades

  • Help your teen set realistic, measurable academic goals

  • Communication Tip: Focus on solutions vs. problem

  • Discover the "Why" behind the lower grades

  • Allow your teen to come up with a possible solution

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